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A full time staff member

Her passion like ours, is to help people understand how to use alternative medicine to supplement traditional medicine or how to make traditional medicine only a back up to alternative medicine. Each person’s path becomes a journey they chose. Dr. Dana’s goal is to provide insight and options.

Dr. Dana is a health and fitness advocate. She spent her first 15 years of her medical practice in traditional medicine. Then as her desire to be more self-sustaining and her patients to be likewise, she began integrating supplements, vitamins, enzymes, exercise, and advocating nutrient-dense organic and primarily plant-based diets. In the latter half of her 30 medical practice Dr. Dana focused on being a functional medicine practitioner/specialist. Now she is working for truBLISS sharing her desire to promote health and fitness with an emphasis on self-sustaining alternative medicine.

Dr. Dana’s Resume

  • 1985 - Registered Nurse, BSN
  • 1990 - Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN
  • 1994 - 2009 Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at ASU’s College of Nursing and Health Innovation.
  • 2003 - Doctorate in Clinical Nursing Research and Minor in Psychology. ASU
  • 2010 - Owner and Founder of Functional Medicine Clinic in Chandler, AZ; retired from formal medicine 2015

Call for an appointment today. 480-325-5000
30 minute consults - $85.
1 hour consults - $150.
At truBLISS health and bliss truly do matter.

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Dr. Dana can educate on both medical grade cannabis and no-card-required CBD and terpenes that have proven to either treat or all together cure the following:

- Night Sweats
- Pain
- Fibromyalgia
- Epilepsy
- Inflammation
- Cancer
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
- Acne
- Arthritis
- Insomnia
- Parkinson
- Alzheimer’s
- Nausea
- Diabetes
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Cigarette Addiction
- Hot Flashes
- Bursitis
- Anxiety
- Crohn’s
- Sciatica
- Cardiovascular
- Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- Neuropathy pain

She also can advise on how to support your pet’s quality of life. One patient shared their dog was sleeping nearly the clock around; acting old. After receiving our recommended pet meds the dog began acting youthful; like a dog half its age. People AND pets can benefit from plant derived medications.

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