Medicinal Benefits For The Human Body

- Helps with relaxation
- Eases pain
- Suppresses pain from nerve damage
- Slows inflammation
- Suppresses muscle spasms and convulsions
- Eases nausea
- Fights free radicals
- Relieves chronic eye pressure and pain caused by glaucoma
- Controls certain cancers
- Stimulates new growth nerve tissue
- Treatment for suffers of arthritis and lupus
- Symptoms relief from individual cases of insomnia
- Neuroprotection against neurodegenerative disease
- Limits cell growth in certain patients with prostate cancer
- Appetite suppressant
- Helps with diabetes
- Reduces panic attacks
- Helps with Alzheimer’s
- Stimulates bone growth
- Helps control epilepsy
- Controls certain cancers
- Eases pain
- Stimulates bone growth
- Stops growth of bacteria
- Reduces blood sugar levels
- Decreases the social isolation from THC
- Decreases blood pressure in the blood vessel walls
- Reduces the risk of artery obstructions
- Shown to possess antibacterial properties
- Antiproliferative, making it ideal with inhabiting cancer cell growth
- Reduces nausea and vomiting (especially in patients receiving chemotherapy)
- Reduces inflammation
- Fights bacteria and fungi
- Can reduce edema as well as inflammation of the intestinal tract
- Fights depression
- Stimulates brain growth
- Assists in contraction of blood cells
- Counteracts the paranoid “heady” high associated with THC
- Decreases anxiety
- Useful in the treatment of glaucoma
- Antioxidant effects
- Acts as a sleep aid
- Controls pain
- Fights free radicals in bloodstream
- Appetite stimulant
- Promotes growth of bone cells
- Pain relief

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