What Are Terpenoids?

Nature's Medicine "Terpenoids"

Terpenoids come from terpenes. Living plants contain terpenes. When they die they convert their terpenes to terpenoids that become gifts.

Each strain of cannabis will carry its own assortment of terpenoids that have identifiable traits of color, smell, and individual experiences.

In the past people looked for the THC levels to make a cannabis strain selection. We are here to educate patients so they have more rounded experiences and understand some of the remarkable gifts of the plant known as cannabis or marijuana.

At truBLISS it is not about the high.
It is about the experience.

- Smokey wood aroma
- Effective against bacterial pathogens
- Antioxidant properties
- Strong effect on bacteria and fungi
- Slows growth of cancer cells
- Antimicrobial agent
- Sedative
- Orange aroma
- Mood enhancer
- Relieve heartburn and gastrointestinal reflux
- Shown to destroy breast-cancer cells
- Powerful antimicrobial action can kill pathogenic bacteria
- Hoppy aroma
- Relieves pain
- Slows bacterial growth
- Reduces inflammation systemically
- Inhibits cancer cell growth
- Appetite suppressant
- Analgesic properties
- Musky aroma
- Used as a sedative
- Relaxes muscles
- Hypnotic properties
- Analgesic (painkiller)
- Anti-inflammatory compound
- Anti-cancer
Caryophyllene Oxide
- Spicy aroma
- Slows bacterial growth
- Helps relieve anxiety
- Slows damage to the nervous system and brain
- Antiproliferative
- Local anesthetic effects
- Anti-inflammatory
- Pine aroma
- Bronchodilator potentially helpful for asthmatics
- Promotes alertness and memory retention
- Reduces inflammation
- Kills bacteria
- Antioxidant anticonvulsant
- Floral aroma
- Counters anxiety
- Mediates stress
- Strong anticonvulsant
- Amplifies serotonin receptor transmission
- Topically can heal acne and skins burns without scarring
- Rich spicy aroma
- Gastro-protective, good for treating certain ulcers
- Therapeutic compound for inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders
- Antibacterial
- Antiseptic
- Antifungal

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